Ways to reduce your home energy usage

4th May 2016

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Ways to reduce your home energy usage


Craig Smith, director at Copperfield Windows, explains how homeowners can reduce energy usage and save thousands.

We may be heading into summer but it’s also the time of year that the dreaded energy companies have a horrible habit of increasing monthly direct debits based on increased energy usage over winter months.


The UK has some of the least energy efficient housing in Europe and that’s not good for our bank accounts or the environment. So how do you cut heat loss from your home?


Roof and wall insulation should be your first starting points. Fitting cavity wall and roof insulation according to the Department for Energy and Climate Change will save you more than 4,550 and 1741 kWh/year in energy. It’s cost effective and very easy to do.


What do you do if your home doesn’t haven’t have cavity walls? External wall and internal wall insulation is an option but it can be incredibly expensive, coming in at anything up to £14,000 or more. It’s also intrusive and if you opt for external wall insulation, can have a significant impact on the character of your home.


If you don’t want the hassle of internal wall insulation or either don’t want to or can’t afford to render solid brick walls, improving the energy efficiency of your home by investing in energy efficient new double-glazed and doors is a great way of reducing home energy usage.


The heat lost through windows accounts for around 25 per cent of the total energy lost from your home (Energy Saving Trust), so installation of energy efficient doors and windows can have a really big impact on the energy efficiency of your property. 


Energy efficient double-glazed windows will, in the average three-bedroom semi-detached property, save you an impressive 2355 kWh/year in energy according to Government figures – and that’s per year. That could add up to as much as £160 per annum!


Copperfield Windows are offering free home energy efficiency checks. We also offer a wide range of thermally efficient double glazed windows and doors. These can be designed to match the character of your property. High performance and high security new generation multi-point locking windows and doors will also help to make your home more secure.

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