Does improving energy efficiency bring rewards?

19th September 2016

Does improving energy efficiency bring rewards?


Research shows that energy efficiency brings in potential buyers.


The recent study Nationwide Building Society discovered that since 1996 the number of owner-occupied A-D energy rated homes had blown up from 20 per cent to 70 per cent.


Around the same time, the proportion of homes with double-glazing had increased from 30 to 81 per cent.


Craig Smith, Managing Director Copperfield Windows said: “The Nationwide study shows us just how important home energy efficiency is, particularly if you’re selling your home. If your property isn’t energy efficient it’s going to be barrier at the point at which you want to move on.


“What’s also interesting is that according to Nationwide in the last 20 years a high proportion of homeowners have also in double-glazing.


“This is great but we would also add that the energy performance of a generation of products, installed getting on for two decades ago, won’t deliver anywhere near the energy efficiency levels of contemporary double and triple –glazed windows.


“This could mean that although their old PVC windows may still look in good shape, homeowners aren’t achieving far bigger energy efficiency savings.”


Figures released by the Energy Saving Trust old single-glazed and even older double-glazed windows account for around 25 per cent of heat lost from homes. It estimates that energy saving PVC double glazed windows and doors can cut this heat loss by up to 75 per cent.


In a detached three-bedroom home, according to the Energy Saving Trust, this can equate to an annual saving over and above single – and in many cases, older double-glazed windows – a grand total of up to £160 per year. This will be even higher with triple-glazed units.


Copperfield offers an a wide variety of energy efficient double-glazed and triple-glazed windows and doors. This includes thermally efficient 1.2W/m².K  (the measure of heat loss) or Window Energy Rated A+ rated double-glazed windows and ultra-energy efficient triple-glazed windows, which will achieve U-values as low as 0.8W/m².K – that’s a Scandinavian ‘Passivhaus’ standard.


Craig said: “Energy efficiency isn’t just about selling houses. It’s primarily about making them a better living environment.


“But with rising energy prices and increasingly discerning house-buyers, improving the energy efficiency of your home will help it sell. Why not also benefit from the efficiencies low maintenance and energy efficient PVC windows deliver until you move?”

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